Horror Comedy Feature Film. Catherine Sweeney is determined to make her zombie-rom-com but everyone keeps telling her to put a talking dog in the script. Desperate for funding, Catherine does whatever it takes to get her passion project made... But too much compromise can kill.
Egomaniac had it's world premiere at Fright Fest and enjoyed a limited theatrical run which ended at the Prince Charles Cinema. 
EGOMANIAC is now available via HEX STUDIOS.

Festival Screenings

Fright Fest, Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, Boston Horrorthon, IFC Horrorthon, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, RIP Horror Film Festival, Unrestricted View Horror Festival, Overkill Film Festival, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Film Critic Selection.)

Awards and Nominations

Screen International Rising Horror Star   (Special Mention)
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival - 7th Orbit Award, Film Critic Selection (Nominated) 
RIP Horror Festival - Nominated for Best International Film and Best Actress (Nic Lamont) 

Interviews and Press



'Every now and then a truly special film comes along... One that puts a massive smile on your face and has you laughing out loud, despite it being inherently quite disheartening. Egomaniac is one of those films.’ Scream Magazine
'Very funny and very sharp, but with some moments of Spaced-esque wonderful silliness, this is a hilarious comedy with teeth and we recommend it.’ SciFi Now
'EGOMANIAC is one of the best independent horror films of the year.' Daily Grindhouse
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Egomaniac's World Premier at Fright Fest

Egomaniac's World Premier at Fright Fest

Egomaniac in Starburst Magazine

Egomaniac in Starburst Magazine



'Egomaniac' has been turned into a mobile app game which has been created by Feature Games and is available to download for free on IOS and Android via the app store. 

Game Concept

You’re Fresh out of film-school and set to make your independant debut feature film. Only one catch. You can’t finance it. In the game 'Egomaniac', you will need to barter Compromise Points (or CP) against your Sanity Meter, to keep enough money to stay alive, but sane enough to not end up behind bars. Can you handle the sleazy producers, the dodgy distributors and the nasty, backstabbing world of the indie filmmaker?